360Active is an activity and fitness centre designed just for women located in Toronto. Placing equal importance on your nutrition, fitness and wellness we provide the ultimate results for you.


360Active gives you an experience that no weight loss or fitness centre can offer.We are the complete solution to your needs.


Our talented and professional staff create life long changes in your appearance, health and state of mind. No more up and down weight loss/weight gains and no crazy diets or fads.


Full service programs designed specifically for you and your needs. You will get exciting results that last a lifetime.

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360active | 800 Steeles Ave W | Vaughan, ont L4J 7L2
| http://360active.ca
| 905-669-0360

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Inspire, Motivate. This is where you belong.


Cutting edge, modern equipment make us stand out from the other traditional gyms for women. We offer everything you would expect to find such as treadmills, elliptical trainers, step machines, free weight and plate loaded machines.


We then take it one step further and add equipment and programming that is functional and will improve your everyday life: A sprinting track, sled pulls, TRX bands, hurdles, ladders and kettlebells just to name a few.


We will design a program for you individually or in a group class led by a high quality instructor.


At 360Active your fitness will be brought to a new level in a fun and encouraging environment, while being easy to access in Toronto.

Who Else Wants Flat, Tone, Sexy Abs Without Spending Hours in The Gym?

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360active | 800 Steeles Ave W | Vaughan, Ontario L4J 7L2
| http://360active.ca
| 905-669-0360

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360Active takes the confusion out of diet, daily eating habits, nutrition and even grocery shopping for you and your family.


You will sit with one of our highly trained nutritionists who will develop a daily nutrition program designed specifically for you, your needs, your lifestyle and your preferences.


Enjoy regular consultations, seminars and webinars all educating you on the most effective ways to stay healthy.

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360active | 800 Steeles Ave W | Vaughan, ont L4J 7L2
| http://360active.ca
| 905-669-0360

We respect your privacy. Your info will never be shared.

"Diets" don’t work. 360active Nutrition does.


Yoga is an ancient discipline emphasizing the mind/body connection designed to lengthen and tone muscles while providing a host of other mental, physiological, emotional and spiritual benefits. Conscious breathing is taught to link the movement to breath patterns to calm the nervous system and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


Yoga works all the major muscle groups in the body from head to toe, and from deep muscle groups closer to the spine all the way out to your major, big muscle groups. You can expect to have increased muscle and joint flexibility, stronger bone mass through weight bearing exercises, better sleep nightly all while reducing the risk of everyday and sport specific injury by practicing low impact yet strengthening and functional exercise.


At 360Active we offer many different styles of yoga suitable for everybody, depending on what your level is and what you’re going through that particular day. Restorative and Yin for tired and hurt bodies. Different levels of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga for those wanting a more dynamic practice and specialty workshops for pregnant women and/or those that are seeking something more specific.


Our studio is an urban oasis, soundproof and temperature controlled providing an authentic Yoga practice with inspired and engaged instructors. We strive to offer a consistently exceptional experience to all women, resulting in a strong sense of community for all of our members.

We aim to create a serene and welcoming space that will motivate and inspire women to feel strong, calm and balanced from the inside out.


Pilates is a form of exercise designed by Joseph Pilates during the First World War as a form of rehabilitative exercise for people with spinal and other musculoskeletal issues.


All Pilates exercises focus on the core (shoulder girdle to pelvic girdle and the deep muscles around the spine, front and back). Movements focus on strengthening and mobilizing the spine, and lengthening muscles. Proper alignment and posture is constantly reinforced to bring the body back to its proper place.


Pilates is a structured form of fitness, students are working towards an ideal execution of a particular movement while adhering to the Pilates Principles of breath, control, precision, concentration, fluidity, and centering.


Pilates is considered strength training as you are working against resistance on machines and with or without props or on a mat while adding repetitions. Pilates can also be used in a therapeutic way focusing on realigning the musculoskeletal system and correcting imbalances in a very safe and controlled way.


At 360Active we offer mat Pilates classes and small group classes on our state of the art reformers. The work gets harder as you get stronger because you’re engaging more muscles and working harder! With regular practice you can expect to improve strength, flexibility, balance, tone and lengthen muscles while challenging deep core to support your spine in every movement and activity.


Engage the mind and enhance body awareness to reduce stress and relieve tension while offering relief from back pain and joint stress. Create a stronger and more flexible spine while restoring postural alignment to make you look and feel better every day and in the years to come.



Welcome to your life.
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Membership at 360active
360active is not a gym. We are an activity centre that combines fitness, nutrition and wellness for maximum results. Our active programs are fun and revolve around functional training that carries over into every day living. 
All our memberships include fitness, nutrition and yoga!
Firm and tone, get rid of the flab and looking great are some of the results that come out of our fitness programs. More importantly you will have more zip in your step, more bounce to your walk and feel great!
Nutrition is a lifestyle, not a diet. We don’t believe in diets or starving yourself because they just don’t work. Our nutrition programs are designed by Registered Holistic Nutritionist who will design a program with you and for you. 
Our yoga classes are under the supervision of Marta Sawala, one of Canada’s top yoga professionals. Choose from one of our many different yoga programs and relax your mind, body and soul.
Membership Rates
Whether you are looking for a basic membership, a short term bootcamp or one of our amazing active programs we can help you. 360active has a number of different programs designed just for you and your needs.
We’re ready to take action whenever you are!



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T: 905.669.0360

London Location: 519.657.0360

Store Hours:

Mon-Sat 6 am – 11 pm

Sun 9 am – 7 pm

Bathurst and Steeles Location
Main Exchange Plaza, 800 Steeles Avenue West
Vaughan, Ontario
L4J 7L2
London Location
509 Commissioners Road West
London, Ontario
N6J 1Y6


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